Mountain House


From the Client

‘Jeremy was able to channel our personalities and quirky style into so many little details in the architecture of our project that we never would’ve been able to think of on our own. His ability to uncover within you what you don’t even know you want is uncanny.’ -J&S

What we did

Splayed across a ridge of the Rocky Mountain foothills — with one wing looking down on the city while the other frames views of the continental divide — this house opens its doors to the terrain and invites it inside. A brave move when you reside above 6,600’.

The site demanded extraordinary effort from everyone, beginning with explosives to install the foundation. A modern, mountain exterior is composed of materials chosen to withstand the harsh environment, making a complex rhythm out of simple elements.

Large doors robustly hold back buffeting winds on turbulent days, but have the ability to fold away, inviting the yard to intertwine with the first floor. Inside, the rooms promote self-expression. Wherever possible, the design process supported the creation of our clients’ original ideas during construction. The result is a whimsical living space to contrast the rigid exterior and surrounding environment.


Boulder, Colorado



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